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Club H2O ? Bringing you a downtown nightclub to North Charleston. H2O will feature live entertainment from bands around South Carolina as well as today?s top dance tunes. The club is over 4,000 square-feet and features a dance floor, band stage area, pool tables, and plenty of seating. With a 40 foot bar and decorated in a combination of wood and soft lighting, our water wall back drop will mesmerize you while our dance floor rocks you. The music at H2O always gets the crowd moving with a good mix of club and house music played by DJ Lunatic, one of Charleston up and coming DJ?s. During ?Happy Hour? you will enjoy great pricing and you might even catch an acoustical duo from time to time. As the evening draws near you will hear plenty of dance tunes and as the night progresses, expect to hear more techno and high energy dance favorites. The club has a very welcoming vibe and you'll see people of virtually all ages. There is a dress code so dress to impress. H2O offers a menu filled with appetizers, wings and sandwiches so there is something for everyone. Make Club H2O your next stop where the sound system is good and sharp which is all the better to pump out those deep house and techno beats that keep the dance floor packed. .. H2O Dress Code: In order for all to enjoy their experience at H2O there is a dress code and we ask cooperation from all. Failure to abide by the dress code will result in being denied for entry regardless of your membership status. ------ Entry: Minimum 21 years of age for entry. ------ Dress Code: ? No boots or hikers that are not dress shoes ? No hats or headgear of any kind ? No Baggy Clothing ? No Long Shirts ? No white T-Shirts ? No Logos ? No Hoods ? No Athletic Wear unless during special event ? No Jerseys unless during special event ? No Tank Tops (guys) ? No ripped or excessively torn clothing ? No Excessive jewelry ------ Disclaimer: Any patron who alters his/her appearance after entering the club so that he /she is no longer within the dress code guidelines will be asked to leave the premises. Dress code enforced solely at Management's discretion. No exceptions.


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